New Storm Sirens Planned For Tulsa Area

Thursday, April 23rd 2015, 10:41 pm
By: News On 6

New storm sirens will soon sound the alarm in the Tulsa area. Local emergency management leaders say they are taking to keep you safe.

Grant money is making it possible to build those two new sirens near the county line. This new development is separate from the current siren system re-vamp program in the city, but the goal to better alert the public of an approaching storm is the same.

There are about 90 active storm sirens scattered around town. This year two more will go up. And in Tulsa, Bee Vang says every siren is important.

"You can't really predict the weather it can be sunny here in a minute and it's raining in the next," Bee Vang said.

Typically storm sirens are found in highly populated area.

"Our goal is to do the most good for the most people with each siren," said Roger Jolliff, director of Tulsa Area Emergency Management.

Jolliff says that won't be the case for the new sirens. One is expected to go up near 66th Street and Lakewood - the other near North Harvard.

"You do have a very high user area there with business and industry there that is in that area. so we needed to warn it," he said.

The money for these news sirens is coming from a Rural Economic Action program or REAP grant.

A separate program is helping Tulsa switch out old rotating storm sirens from 1985 with new ones. The new sirens are omnidirectional: meaning you'll be able to hear the sirens in all directions at once.

Since the phase out program began, 40 sirens have already been switched, this final phase will change out the last 20.

"I'll be a little more prepared if the siren goes off a little sooner and a little louder too," said Tulsa-area resident Bee Vang.

As of right now, there is no time frame on when the two brand new sirens will be built - only that it'll happen sometime this year.