City Of Tulsa Helps Crew Of Low-Budget Film Understand Ordinances

Thursday, April 23rd 2015, 5:59 pm
By: News On 6

The crime drama 'Let Me Make you a Martyr,' featuring Marilyn Manson, is shooting on location in a midtown Tulsa neighborhood.

But the city is getting noise and traffic complaints from neighbors, and News On 6 discovered the movie makers aren't in compliance with city ordinances.

The movie is being filmed at 28th and Delaware in the middle of a neighborhood.

Neighbors have complained at times of the traffic and the street being blocked off.

It's something the city says the film crew didn't have a permit to do.

Vehicles line the road, along with carts and tables, as actors and members of the crew walk to and from the scene of the movie 'Let Me Make You a Martyr.'

"It's just fun to watch,” neighbor Sue Venable said. “Yesterday, there was a whole block of cars and trucks but I know that has to happen to even get a tiny bit of film time."

Venable said the filming isn't disrupting her daily routine, but some neighbors are complaining of the trash and noise down the street.

Chris Kucharski, the city's film liaison said, "A couple of residents were concerned because the production had blocked traffic last night withoht the use of Tulsa Police Department, and they were doing it, unfortunately, incorrectly."

"They had someone that moved the cones and let you through if they weren't doing a shoot at that very moment on the street,” neighbor Margaret Ellison said.

The city said a permit is needed any time movie crews either block or shut down a road during the production.

The crew is now filling out the proper permits.

"It's a low-budget film, and so it's their first time,” Kucharski said. “We came down today to coach them through the proper way to do things."

If the proper permits were issued, all neighbors would have received a letter outlining what to expect during the film-making process.

Since a permit was never issued, those letters were never sent. However, some neighbors were contacted by the homeowners themselves.

“The family that lives in that house has been very nice about telling us ahead of time it was going to happen,” Ellison said.

The film crew will be shooting for another five days in the neighborhood and then will move on to another location.

The city said, at that point, they will have the proper permits.