Tulsa Woman Calls 911 To Report Break-In; Placed On Wait List

Wednesday, April 15th 2015, 7:43 pm
By: News On 6

A Tulsa woman was put on the waiting list when she called 911 after someone broke into her home. She waited 30 minutes and eventually filed an online report.

When Bonnie got back from running an errand Tuesday night she saw a man in her driveway with a pickup truck.

At first she thought it was one of her workers, because she's remodeling, but he was much different than that.

"Actually, I said, ‘Can I help you? Are you a worker man?' Then I said, ‘That's my TV' and he's like, gotta go, and just took off," she said.

Bonnie followed the burglar to get his license plate number, but lost him, so she called 911 and told them someone broke into her house.

In those types of stressful situations, being as specific as possible will get you the best response, although it's tough in the moment.

"You know what, I don't think I mentioned I saw the guy. That's what I should've done," Bonnie said.

Property crimes are priority six out of nine. Had they known she was face to face with the burglar it would've been priority two.

911 Priority Call List

Dispatch records show Bonnie called at 7:57 p.m. Records show she called back at 8:22 and was still on the list; there were 20 calls holding in that area then, with ten officers on duty.

"I had a big jewel box there and a big jewel box there on this little box and he took both of those, they were full," she said.

She hated losing the TVs, but was more upset about the sentimental pieces of jewelry - wedding rings and rings of her mother's.

"Very hard, especially my husband's because they mean a lot since he's passed away," Bonnie said.

She said the burglar was a white man in his 60s. She said he had an unshaven face and gray in his whiskers and was bald on top with longer hair on the sides that looked greasy.

Bonnie said his old red pickup was covered in dents and rust spots. She said it was full of stuff, not just hers, so clearly he had hit other houses.

She said getting broken into is a strange and uneasy feeling and doesn't want it to happen to anyone else. She said she hopes someone recognizes the man from her description and turns him in.