Two Glenpool Officers Injured In Domestic Violence Call

Monday, April 13th 2015, 7:43 am
By: Dave Davis

A man is in jail after police say he attacked two Glenpool officers so violently that they both had to go the hospital.

One of the officers is still there Monday afternoon.

Police say this happened after officers responded to the suspect's house on reports of domestic violence.

An officer and sergeant with Glenpool Police both had to go the hospital after this, one of them with a possible fractured hand.

Edward Ballow is in the Tulsa County Jail, booked on two complaints of aggravated assault and battery on a police officer, domestic assault and battery by strangulation, resisting arrest, property damage and assault with a dangerous weapon.

On Sunday, officers say they responded to Ballow's home, where his wife told them Ballow had grabbed her and started choking her. When officers got there, Ballow refused to come out of his house, and reached in his pocket, an arrest report states.

Officers grabbed him because they thought he had a weapon. When they did that, between the two officers, they said Ballow hit them in the head and torso, hit one on the back with a chair. 

He also broke an officer's glasses and ripped the sergeant's shirt, according to the arrest report.

Officers eventually hit him with a baton and used a Taser to arrest Ballow, 30. A backing officer found a box knife in Ballow's pocket after the arrest.