Owasso Police Seek Victims After Peeping Tom Arrest

Wednesday, April 8th 2015, 11:05 am
By: News On 6

Owasso police are asking people that may have seen a peeping tom to come forward. They said if you've ever seen the man, you could be a victim or a witness to his crime.

They said a woman caught Douglas Collins staring at her underneath her dressing room door while shopping at an Owasso Target.

Police said Collins admitted to peeping on women in the shopping area at least once a week, leading them to believe there could be dozens of victims.

That thought is something that concerns Emily McMinnville, who shops in Owasso regularly.

"I just went into the dressing room earlier. You never think about the things that can happen or the people that are around," she said.

Owasso police said it was at the Target where the 21-year-old Collins was caught peeping under the door of a woman's dressing room.

"The doors have a space below them, and she was in the process of changing clothes, and looked down and saw his head sticking underneath the door where she was changing clothes. And she confronted him, and actually chased him out into the store, and our officers got him as he was getting into his car," said Jason Woodruff, with Owasso Police.

He said it was the victim's quick reaction that got Collins caught, but said it wasn't the first time Collins had committed the crime.

"He moved here about a year ago from California and indicated that he's been doing this fairly consistently since he's been here, coming to Owasso, not just at the Target store but at several stores throughout Owasso," Woodruff said.

Police are looking for more victims and said there could be dozens. They said many may have been too embarrassed to come forward.

Shoppers like McMinnville hope victims or witnesses come forward in order to prevent this from happening again,

"Yeah I think everyone should speak up and hope that they get him back behind bars and that he's behind bars for a while," McMinnville said.

Owasso Police said Collins lives in Tulsa and that they're checking with TPD and police in California to see if they've had any similar complaints.

Police are now asking anyone who may have witnessed Collins in the dressing room of other Owasso stores or may have been a victim to contact detectives at 918-272-COPS.

Collins posted bond and was released from jail pending a court appearance set for April 14.