Sand Springs Dog Turns Dishwasher Into Storm Shelter

Friday, March 27th 2015, 3:49 pm
By: Richard Clark

A Sand Springs dog who's already made a name for himself in his neighborhood and on social media added a new chapter to his story on Wednesday.

Rocky is a Jack Russell Terrier who's probably about seven years old. He lives with Debbie and Mike Carter, the deputy chief of the Sand Springs Police Department.

Deputy Chief Carter was on the job Wednesday afternoon handling a very serious situation as a tornado blew into the city. Debbie was keeping an eye on the weather while working around the house. 

As Debbie emptied the dishwasher the sirens sounded. When she tried to slide the top rack back in it wouldn't go in all the way so she looked inside and there was Rocky, taking shelter from the storm.

"He generally tries to lick the dishes as we load them but has never used it as he did on storm day," she wrote.

The Carters adopted Rocky in 2009. Debbie says he's a master escape artist and climbs the fence every chance he gets. 

"The entire neighborhood has had their moments retrieving Rocky," she wrote. "He's become a legend with his antics and escape tactics on Mike's Facebook page." 

She said Rocky probably deserves to have his own Facebook page.