Oklahoma Volunteers Rescuing Pets From Tornado Debris

Thursday, March 26th 2015, 10:52 pm
By: Craig Day

Nearly every single time a tornado destroys or damages homes family pets are left wandering around and often scared.

A group of volunteers is working in the River Oaks Mobile Home Park to find pets, care for them and ultimately reunite them with their families.

There were 40 homes in the River Oaks Mobile Home Park destroyed or damaged by Wednesday's tornado; many of the people who live there are pet owners.

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The tornado ripped apart houses, scattered belongings and separated many people from their pets.

Missie Holbrook, with the Tulsa SPCA, and others are working to get the dogs and cats out of the debris and into the back of a van so they can go to a shelter.

"We just got the call and saw that there was a need for folks to be out here," Holbrook said.

Every jagged board, piece of broken glass, nail and other debris could injure the animals; so the group is rounding up strays.

"We've got to get these babies taken care of and save them," Holbrook said.

They cradled some, cuddled and comforted others and even coaxed some that were still very uneasy after the tornado.

Some had to be tranquilized so they could be moved safely.

Holbrook said, "The good part of that is when they wake up they're going to be warm, safe, dry and folks can come and get them and take them where they're going to go."

For now they'll go to Tulsa Animal Welfare on North Erie, where they'll get food and care while awaiting to be reunited with their owners.

For people missing a pet due to the storm, you can call Tulsa Animal Welfare at 918-596-8001. You can also visit their website.