Man Found Dead On Downtown Tulsa Street

Monday, March 23rd 2015, 5:43 pm
By: Richard Clark

Tulsa Police are waiting for the Medical Examiner to determine what caused the death a man whose body was found in downtown.

Officers responded to a report of a man down on 1st Street between Boulder and Cheyenne at about 10 a.m. on Monday, March 23, 2015.

They've identified him as Morgan Sean Weaver, 22. 

They found his body lying on the sidewalk and in the roadway and they say it's possible he was hit by a car, though they say they have no clear evidence of that.

EMSA took him to a hospital where he was pronounced dead. 

Police say they've listed this case as an unattended death while they wait for the Medical Examiner to rule on the manner and cause of death.