Oklahoma Tag Agencies Upgrade 20-Year-Old Computer System

Monday, March 16th 2015, 6:49 pm
By: News On 6

For the first time in over 20 years, tag agencies across the state are getting a major upgrade to computer systems. The upgrade should mean better record keeping and faster service.

Employees at the downtown Tag Agency - near 5th and Denver - have been practicing with the new program for weeks and didn't have many issues.

Other Tag Agencies had a much harder time and had to wait hours to get their questions answered by the state.

Monday, Leno McNellie waited in line at the downtown Tag Agency after he was turned away over the weekend.

"They were all closed and one had left an update saying they were closed for the update," McNellie said.

About 300 tag agencies in the state switched from an outdated DOS system to a new Windows-based program.

"I think it went okay, it was a little bit slower because it's a new system and they are working the kinks out," McNellie said.

Agent Kelly Burress said she's been practicing with the new system for weeks.

"The other one was just black and green and you could only look at one thing at a time. You couldn't copy or paste or anything,” she said.

Now, instead of writing customer's information out and then entering it into the computer system later, it's all done at once.

She said it's also easier to look up customer's information.

"They renew one, then they say, ‘oh I have three other cars too. Can you check those too?' If you just look up their name and see when they all expire," Burress said.

Agents like Nelva Bowline at Vern Tag Agency were having a harder time adjusting to the newer system.

"Maybe if I was younger it might be easier, but I'm not really up on computer and things," she said.

Bowline has worked there since 1969. Back then, she said, it was simple.

"It was a manual typewriter and then we got electric," she said.

After looking over the manual she picked up the phone to call the Oklahoma Tax Commission, feeling very confused.

"We usually can't talk to anybody, we have to leave our name and number for them to call us and they are just overwhelmed with phone calls, so it is just going to take time," Bowline said.

Agents did go through training before the system launched, but said it'll take some time before they are fully comfortable.

You still need to make sure you bring all the necessary paperwork to speed up the process.