Tulsa House Transport Makes Tight Squeeze On Brookside

Friday, March 13th 2015, 11:09 am
By: Dee Duren

A moving company is having a hard time getting a wood frame house down Brookside Friday morning. 

News On 6 producer Tami Beyersdoerfer took photos as the wide load got stuck on Peoria at 35th Street.

The house is so wide, crew members had to get people to move their cars that were parked along the street. It has also scraped some of the trees planted along the road, she said.

The house is also taller than the traffic signals, so they had to zig zag it through to pass safely.

People are stopping to take photos of the exterior and interior of the house - which still has shelves and even a clock on one wall and the house number still affixed.