Tulsa Woman, Saved From Burning Car, Hopes To Thank Mystery Rescuer

Thursday, March 12th 2015, 7:26 pm
By: Emory Bryan

A second chance at life has put a Tulsa woman on a search for answers.

Lara Coulter's car caught fire after a bad car accident on Highway 75 the day before Christmas. She lived through the crash and now wants to know how it was possible.

"I can't remember anybody getting me out of the car, getting in an ambulance, getting to the hospital, nothing. I just woke up in ICU with my family around me," Coulter said.

There's a lot that she can remember about her car accident, but she can't forget what it did to her - she still can't walk and she's got months of physical therapy ahead.

In fact, the last thing she remembers is coming off the turnpike, headed towards downtown, on Christmas Eve. Her next memory is walking up in ICU.

The injuries looked terrible even after the swelling went down - a crushed eye socket, broken leg and cuts - but she wasn't burned, and that's remarkable because her car caught fire.

It's that irony - no burns from a fire - that Coulter most wants resolved.

"I want to know who pulled me out of that car and saved me before I burned to death," she said.

Coulter was in a one car accident on Highway 75, just after dark. For reasons still unknown, she veered off, knocked down a pole and hit a tree.

That's where we found her charred cell phone. We found her by looking at the pictures and finding a Facebook connection, so we could return hundreds of pictures she thought were lost in the fire.

Coulter was thankful the pictures were saved; but she's thankful, mostly, for the 78 days she's had since Christmas Eve.

"Every day is a gift. I wake up and thank God for another day," she said.

Coulter would also like to thank the person who saved her, and gave her another chance.

“Yeah, I'll be fine. God wasn't done with me yet,” she said.

Whoever made the rescue bent the car door back, and pulled her out.

Coulter hopes that person will get in touch so she can say thanks.