Tulsa Police: Intoxicated Driver Gets Car Stuck In Stranger's Yard

Tuesday, March 10th 2015, 9:34 am
By: News On 6

Police arrested a man who crashed a car in the front yard of an east Tulsa home Tuesday morning.

Officers said a homeowner called 911 after finding a Chrysler 300 stuck in the front yard and the driver attempting to leave. The crash happened in the 11800 block of East 38th Street near Garnett. 

Sean Michael Capron, 40, was taken into custody for felony DUI (second offense), speeding and driving under suspension. He had several outstand traffic offenses as well.

Police said the car hit a trash can before getting stuck in the mud next door just after 7 a.m.  Trash under the car caught fire as the driver gunned the engine trying to drive off, police said. 

An officer used a fire extinguisher to put out the fire.

The owner of the house said the loud crash woke him up.

"I just happened to have been sleeping on the couch last night and I was just asleep. It knocked me plumb off the couch," he said.

"I was scared. I thought a bomb went off. It was nuts."

Capron told officers he had taken four or five Klonopin and then left his house to go to McDonald's. The arresting officer said Capron was unable to say what day or time it was.

When asked to recite the alphabet from "F" to "Y," he said, "I can't do that sober," according to police.