Owasso Police Suspect Teens Responsible For Patrol Car Vandalism

Wednesday, February 25th 2015, 10:51 pm
By: News On 6

Police said vandals targeted officer patrol units and private vehicles in Owasso. They said whoever did it, didn't try hard to fly under the radar.

Police said the vandals most likely did their damage in broad daylight, between 2:00 and 4:00 Tuesday afternoon.

They hit cars in a lot right behind the police station and also a city neighborhood full of families.

Deputy Chief Jason Woodruff said the vandals damaged more than ten Owasso patrol units and the officers' personal vehicles Tuesday.

"It is concerning when you have someone that appears to intentionally be targeting police officers," he said.

Some have windows shot out, others were egged and some had damage from both.

Most of the vehicles damaged or vandalized were in the parking lot behind the police station, but others were in a quiet Owasso neighborhood just off Highway 169.

Owasso police said the charges against the person responsible wouldn't necessarily go up just because it was against the property of a police officer, but the fact that the person responsible went into a neighborhood and targeted the officer near his home doesn't sit right with them.

"That is pretty brazen and concerning for these officers who have their wives and kids where they are doing this, so we take it very seriously," Woodruff said.

The Owasso officer who had his patrol car vandalized was off duty and had it parked outside his home. He said he doesn't feel he was intentionally targeted and neither does the police department.

"We don't have anything at this point that these officers were targeted because of who they were. It is more likely just because their cars were sitting there," Woodruff said.

Unfortunately, Woodruff said, things like this tend to sometimes just come with the job.

"It is just something that becomes second nature and you know that some elements don't like you just for what you do for a living. It is just one of the things you have to accept when you choose this career," he said.

Police are leaning towards teenagers because of the time of day and since they used eggs to damage some of the vehicles.

Investigators didn't find any high powered shell casings, so they believe the windows were most likely shot out by BB guns.

If you have any information please call Owasso Police.