Dump Truck Splashes Sewage On Depew Woman's Car

Thursday, February 19th 2015, 10:48 pm
By: News On 6

A messy morning commute is costing a Depew woman hundreds of dollars.

She said her car is covered in sewage after a Broken Arrow truck, carrying waste, spilled and splashed over 200 gallons of treated waste.  Jessica White, who got the waste all over her car, said she just wants an apology from Broken Arrow and the money to cover her clean-up.

White said she's already gone through two car washes and still can't get the waste off.

"I heard just a whole bunch of like noise hit my car and I look up and there's a whole bunch of just stuff hit my car," she said.

White thought it was concrete or mud, until she smelled it.

"It smelled like straight sewer," she said.

It was treated waste, being taken from a Broken Arrow water treatment plant to a Sand Springs landfill, by an uncovered Broken Arrow dump truck.

The city of Broken Arrow calls it sludge.

“The sludge is treated. It's not like this is sewage that was just taken from the facility," said Krista Flasch with the City of Broken Arrow.

The truck driver slammed on the brakes, spilling the 200 gallons of sludge.

Broken Arrow workers cleaned it up, but White was on her own.

“I don't feel like I should've had to wash my car off when it was their mess," she said.

White washed her car by hand, then, went through a car wash.

She's filing a claim with the city, asking for $250 to cover the clean-up costs.

"We do believe that this is an unfortunate incident, but we're investigating to make sure this doesn't happen again," Flasch said.

White wishes it never happened at all.

"The smell is still in my car after washing it twice," she said.

Broken Arrow said the treated waste cannot get you sick, unless ingested.  The city makes one or two trips from Broken Arrow to the Sand Springs landfill daily.

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