Deputies: Chouteau Student Calls 911 After Classmate Threatens School Shooting

Friday, February 13th 2015, 11:17 pm
By: News On 6

Sheriff's deputies said a Chouteau teen tried to pull another student into his plan to commit a mass murder at school. The plan backfired, when the would-be accomplice called 911.

Mayes County sheriff's deputies said they believe the threat, which started with a text message Wednesday morning, was legitimate.

The text was straight-forward, according to Captain Rod Howell, with the Mayes County Sheriff's Office.

"Go to the Chouteau schools, commit a mass murder, a suicide," he said.

A Chouteau high school student sent that text and the student that received it called 911.

"When you get an actual threat that's, like, it's real, it's here in your community, it's scary," Howell said.

Howell said police and school administration hunted down the 17-year-old that, according to the text, was preparing to shoot up the schools.

When they got to him, Howell said deputies learned he had access to several guns at home.

"It just added to the credibility of the claims," he said.

A judge, and Oklahoma Juvenile Affairs, put the teen in a juvenile facility.

Word spread quickly among classmates who believe the teen was bullied.

"Knowing that the bullying got to him that bad, it just, and he was a new student, so it just shocked me," said Chouteau student, Emily Lumpkins.

Student, Trisha Noyes said, "That's really sad that he wants to do that to people if he feels that bad about himself."

The student on the other end of the text, who called 911, was praised for potentially saving lives.

"Thank you. That saved a lot of people," Lumpkins said.

The student in custody is a juvenile, and will go before a judge.

The Mayes County Sheriff's Office is still investigating and encouraging people to do what the student who dialed 911 did, tell authorities if someone makes a similar threat.