Hillcrest Security Shatters Window To Pull Reckless Driver From Car

Wednesday, February 11th 2015, 8:02 pm
By: News On 6

Hillcrest Medical Center security had to stop a woman who went on a rampage in her car.

Hospital security said before the woman slammed into pillars outside the hospital, she hit vehicles in the parking lot and barely missing running over several people.

Security video shows her driving through the parking lot near the emergency room, hitting a few parked cars and running right over a stop sign.

Eventually the security guard had to break her car window to get her foot off the gas pedal.

Another other camera angle shows her pull out of the lot after hitting the stop sign, slowly make a wide turn and then slam into one pillar, bounce off, hit another then coming to a stop.

One by one patients, nurses and doctors came out to see if she was okay.

"It was erratic and it was almost intentional, because she intentionally made a big circle as she saw those two pillars, she sped up when she rammed it," said Hillcrest Security Chief, Jesse Millan.

Security guards said it didn't stop there as tire tracks lead from the curb, to the grass and then back on the street.

Hillcrest Security Officer, Sergeant Darrin Chance said, "You can still see the radiator fluid when she comes off of the curb, she swings and hit the rear end of the vehicle."

Chance pulled his SUV behind her to block her in, but said she backed up and hit his patrol car.

"Her foot was still on the accelerator and the tires were spinning, so we knew we had to get in and get her vehicle stopped," he said.

Chance said he asked her to turn off the car and get out, but she refused.

"We found a pipe to take out both windows of the vehicle," he said.

The glass shattered and Chance was able to reach inside and unlock the door to get her out.

"I could see that the lady really needed some help and that was our main goal, to protect her and the visitors and staff," he said.

Tulsa police said the woman's husband called 911 multiple times that day, saying he was worried she might be suicidal.

Officers said they found a small handgun in her front seat.

Records show the woman faces charges of assault with a dangerous weapon (vehicle), DUI, expired tag and driving on a sidewalk.