Claremore High School Students Questioned About Twitter Shooting Threat

Thursday, February 5th 2015, 12:45 pm
By: News On 6

Claremore High School was evacuated Thursday after someone posted a threat on Twitter. The post said a gun would be brought to the school to shoot other students.

At this point, police say they aren't really sure who is responsible, but believe another Claremore High School student made up a fake account to post the threat and get other students in trouble.

Regardless, many parents were very concerned about their kids' safety.

Claremore patrol cars were parked out front of the high school as students walked into school Thursday morning.

Officers were called to investigate a school shooting threat.

"We sent out an all school alert to all of our schools to notify them, the school was safe, we did not go into a lock-down mode and we had an increased presence," said Claremore Superintendent, Mike McClaren.

He said the threat originated from a tweet that said a gun was going to be brought to Claremore High School and students were going to be shot.

A student saw the tweet, and reported it to an administrator.

"Police intercepted the two that possibly started it. After their initial investigation early this morning, they felt like it might be a bogus twitter account," McClaren said.

Claremore police said they questioned about six students who were believed to be associated or involved with the social media threat.

All were released to their parents as police work to get to the bottom of who's responsible.

Parent Mathew Dowell said, “It was good for us to know what's going on and be aware. Not over react but at least know that our kids are well taken care of."

Dowell has two young kids in the Claremore Public school system. He wasn't surprised to hear about a social media threat.

"I think it kind of falls back onto us as parents. You got to stay on top of everything our kids are doing," he said.

McClaren is confident police will find the person who sent the tweet.

“If it wasn't the two that it was attributed to originally, if it was a third party that initiated, we are treating that very seriously and we will prosecute that very vigorously," he said.

The post was deleted as soon as police were notified.

Some parents picked up their children after hearing about the threat, but most students stayed in school.