Relative: Two Children Burned In Tulsa Fire Flown To Texas Hospital

Monday, February 2nd 2015, 11:44 pm
By: News On 6

News On 6 has learned from family a member that two of the children burned in a west Tulsa house fire Monday morning were flown to a Galveston hospital.

Sharon Woods her nephew, 7-year-old Raiden Pond, had burns across his face, chest, stomach and back and that he also has injuries to his lungs and esophagus. She said the other boy, Aiden, was also flown to the Galveston hospital but didn't have his condition.

She said the mother and the little girl, Chloe, were still in a Tulsa hospital but didn't have an update on them. She also didn't have any information about the man who was hurt in the fire.

A man driving in the west Tulsa neighborhood at the time of the fire grabbed his cell phone and started recording as he drove by the burning home.He said he got there before most firefighters did.

Alex Benedict said he'd never seen a house fire before, and when he learned there were five people inside the home, including children, he grew very concerned.

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"You could see it just pouring out of the roof, and just pouring out of the crack, every crack in the house had smoke pouring out of it. So I just can't imagine what the inside looked like," he said.

Benedict is a driver for a local linen company and his route takes him by the house.

Monday his route looked different as he followed fire trucks down the street.

“They just lost everything. They lost a lot more than everything and I can't even imagine," Benedict said.

He shot video as he drove slowly through the west Tulsa neighborhood.

When he reached the burning home, there were just two fire engines there, but that changed quickly.

“I felt like three minutes, they had six huge trucks there with guys already ready to go. There was firefighters in their sweats and hoodies, throwing on their gear on the scene," he said.

Benedict said trucks were coming from all directions, then, he heard screams - assumed to be from a neighbor.

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“We watch the video and we can hear her screaming and it hits us every time. It's just like, man, that's not easy to handle," he said.

Even harder to handle, according to Benedict, was when he saw firefighters pull people from the home.

"I saw one child laying in the driveway while firefighters were taking care of him," he said.

He's very concerned for the people inside the burning home, but takes comfort in firefighters' response.

“It's very comforting how quickly they were there and how many showed up," Benedict said.

He said he's pulling for the victims and wants firefighters to know he's impressed with their work.