Tulsa Woman, Stabbed More Than 15 Times, Tells Story Of Survival

Tuesday, January 27th 2015, 7:04 pm
By: News On 6

We begin with an incredible story of a survival. In November, Amber Thompson's boyfriend stabbed her more than 15 times.

He also stabbed her brother and her mother when they tried to help her.

Amber is a walking miracle: she has stab wounds in both arms, all over her back, neck and head. She had two collapsed lungs, a cracked skull and because she tried to ward off the attacks, her hand had so many stab wounds, it took surgeons four hours to put it back together. She still can't use it.

Amber met her boyfriend online in July. They started dating in October. She says he showed no signs of violence, until November 4th. Amber, her mom, brother and boyfriend were at her apartment. She says he screamed at Amber's mother over something minor, and Amber was having none of that.

"I said, I do not let anyone disrespect my mother. Pack your bags and go," said Amber, a stabbing victim.

She says that's when he grabbed a knife and came after her, first stabbing out her two front teeth.

"It was the most painful thing I've ever felt in my life," she said.

He stabbed her so many times, she lost consciousness. When her mother called 911, he punched her in the face and stabbed her in the forehead and chest.

Amber's brother tried to stop him and got stabbed too.

"He got him at the front door. He stabbed him in the neck and the back of the head. He didn't know it was a knife until he pulled it out himself," Amber said.

Amber's mom and brother made it outside and got help, but even then, the suspect didn't give up easily.

"When police showed up, he told them he had a gun also. It took five of them to get him on the ground. They tazed him twice. The first time, the manager said he just brushed if off like it was nothing," said Amber, whose boyfriend stabbed her at least 15 times.

A month later, Chuck Davis, Jr. pleaded guilty to the stabbings and got 20 years in prison.

That's when Amber realized he was already on probation for attacking a man and his wife at a bar the year before.

She wishes he would've gotten life.

"I think the next time he gets out, he will kill and he won't care," she said.

Amber wants to warn women to do a thorough background check on anyone they meet online, before they actually go out with them. She would also love to see domestic violence organizations reach out to victims faster.

A fund has been set up to help Amber with her medical bills. It's at Tulsa Teacher's Credit Union, and the account number is 216472S14. You can also ask for "Kara Thompson Tragedy."