Muskogee Police To Release Video Of Fatal Officer-Involved Shooting

Thursday, January 22nd 2015, 8:16 pm
By: News On 6

Muskogee police plan to release video of a recent fatal officer involved shooting. Police said they will release the officer's body camera footage as well as the 911 calls.

Muskogee city leaders and community members were briefed on the shooting Thursday afternoon and saw the entire video.

The city wants to be as open as possible and plans to release the video to the public Friday.

Scott Wood represents Officer Chansey McMillin. Getting an attorney is standard for any officer involved in shooting a suspect.

The call went out Saturday afternoon from a pastor who said a man was outside a church, with a gun, threatening to kill a woman.

McMillan got there first. Video shows McMillin asked the suspect to show his hands, which he does, then, the officer began a pat down.

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It's now standard for any officer involved in shooting a suspect to get an attorney. Scott Wood represents the officer.

“He's gonna do a pat down and he says, ‘Why you so tense? Relax, relax," Wood said while watching the video.

The video shows the suspect, Terrence Walker, elbow McMillin then run away. McMillan follows, but they don't make it very far because it looks like Walker drops a gun on the pavement.

"He's just dropped the gun, the gun is right there," Wood said.

Video shows McMillin reach for his gun which got stuck in holster before McMillin yanked it out. That's when video shows Walker drop the gun a second time.

Scott: "He drops it again."
Lori: "He did."
Scott: "The gun is back there."
Lori: "If he would've just left it on the ground and put his hands up, this would've been over."
Scott: "Yes, or if he would've just kept running, they probably weren't going to catch this guy."

Instead, video shows Walker get the gun in his hand, bring it up and the officer fire five shots.

Walker ran after the initial shots then collapsed.

From the initial contact until the shooting, is only about 30 seconds.

The video shows Walker's cell phone in his left hand and the gun underneath him.

“There's the gun. It's cocked," Wood said.

He said it was loaded and had a bullet in the chamber.

The pastor who called 911 said he believes Walker drove from Texas to find the woman and even left her a voicemail, saying he had a bullet just for her.