Claremore Business Owners Fed Up After Repeated Vandalism

Monday, January 19th 2015, 8:31 pm
By: News On 6

Some Claremore business owners are fed up, after someone has vandalized their property five times since Christmas.

They've hit two car lots, a coffee shop, a U-Haul business, a flea market and several homes.

Sunday night's damage was the worst by far.

The damage is sickening: bent antennaes, broken mirrors everywhere you look and every single vehicle on the lot of Pruitt Auto Sales has slashed tires.

Some vehicles had two tires slashed, and some mirrors are dangling by a thread while others got knocked all the way off and are on the ground.

This same lot got hit Saturday night, so the owners spent 12 hours on Sunday putting up eight surveillance cameras. The suspects broke every one of those too.

"Destroy it all, for nothing, for the thrill of it. They've obviously never worked for anything they've had because if they had, they wouldn't do this to somebody," said co-owner Gary Epperson.

The cameras did catch the suspects on tape. You can see them with their flashlights about 1 a.m., doing all the damage. As they were leaving, they spotted the cameras so they stood on top of a trash can to take out each one of them - but before they did that, the cameras captured these pictures of the three vandals' faces.

The owners hope someone can identify them.

"They should be tried as adults. They've done tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage to multiple businesses, also residential. They've hit many residential areas," Epperson said.

Charlie has been hit three times, and the business next to him and a couple across the street. It's frustrating and expensive for all involved.

"It costs about $500 a whack," he said.

Police increased patrols, and business owners have even slept inside their businesses overnight, but, on those nights, all is quiet.

These business owners want to catch these guys so badly, one lot and the one next door have put up a $2,000 reward for anyone who recognizes the suspects and helps get them arrested.

If you know the suspects or have information that could help, call the Claremore police department at 918-341-1212, extension 511.