Pawhuska School District Discusses 4-Day Week

Thursday, January 15th 2015, 11:14 pm
By: News On 6

A local school district is looking to shave one day off the school week.

Teachers say kids can learn more in a four-day week, but some people aren't convinced.

A group of teachers held a meeting at the Pawhuska community center Thursday night to engage in a conversation with parents about the four day option that many of the surrounding schools utilize.

Questions flew at a community meeting in Pawhuska surrounding the topic, and the opinions varied.

“I'm against four days. I think it should be five days,” said retired teacher, Jeanne Edgar.

Edgar worked at Pawhuska schools for more than 20 years and said she thinks the proposal would set certain kids up to fall through the cracks.

“I just feel the children would be screwed if they were, if they didn't get five days of education or attention. Some kids that's the only day they get a hug” she said.

Or a meal, which is one of the many concerns parents have.

However, former teacher and Pawhuska graduate Lauren Garnett said she's worked in the five day setting and the four day and said she felt her students learned more during the condensed four day weeks.

"I found that it was very productive and it helped with the retention of the material that the students learned," Garnett said.

A teacher from a nearby district reiterated her success, citing a better grade from the state for his school after switching to the four day format.

Either way, parents and educators do agree that they want what's best for the students.

“I hope that the community knows that just because something is new doesn't mean it's wrong. It's scary a lot of times whenever we decide to change the things that we're used to doing, but that doesn't mean it's not for the best," Garnett said.

Edgar said, “A lot of them truly love kids and that's why they're there. Including these teachers, you know.”

Nearby districts like Fairfax, Avant and Barnsdall already have a four-day week.

Teachers said they plan to bring this proposal to the next school board meeting, but there is no word on when voting might take place.