Theft Victim's Son Spots Stolen Trailer On Interstate 44 In Tulsa

Monday, December 29th 2014, 1:28 pm
By: Craig Day

A Tulsa man had luck on his side Monday when he got back the trailer he bought on Christmas Eve.

He was in the right place at the right time to spot it rolling down the road and led police right to the suspected thieves.

Police pulled over the driver of a pickup at 161st and Interstate 44, who was pulling Chance Culbreath's trailer.

It seems everything lined up perfectly for Chance to get his trailer back.

First, his dad, Charles Culbreath, called him with the bad news that the trailer had been stolen. Chance got the news just as he was pulling out of his office on South Yale.

"As I was pulling out getting on Yale headed south, I pull out behind a trailer that looked to be mine," he said.

While sitting at a stoplight he noticed the lock on the trailer had been damaged; so Chance followed the driver.

After about a half mile, things got very interesting.

"It turned in to Promenade Mall and did a U-turn, as it did the U-turn, I did the U-turn with it and he got out of the truck. The driver got out of the truck and started to confront me," Chance said.

Corporal Jerrod Hart with Tulsa Police said, "Our victim backed up, backed away and called police."

Chance followed the driver, and gave police their location.

They arrested a man and a woman in the pickup that was hauling his trailer.

"They do have some hammers, some sledge hammers and stuff that were taped up, that would imply they were the ones that broke the lock and opened the trailer and took the trailer," Hart said.

Police said they also found meth in the car.

Officers said the two suspects will likely be charged with having those drugs, and with grand larceny.

Chance said he also had his truck stolen about a year ago, with his dog Georgia inside.

He put it on Facebook once he realized it had been stolen, and he and his friends spread out and found it.

He got his dog back okay, but the thief crashed the truck.