Victim Of Owasso Carjacking Says Cadillac Was Taken From Driveway At Gunpoint

Sunday, December 28th 2014, 11:25 pm
By: News On 6

Police need your help tonight finding a man responsible for carjacking in Owasso on Sunday.

Jeff Eshelman's sport utility vehicle was taken right from his driveway after the man threatened to shoot the homeowner.

Around the same time the carjacking occurred in the Fairways housing addition, police responded to a report of a suspicious man sitting in a car in a CVS parking lot. Police say that car turned out to be stolen and that man is spending the night in the Tulsa County Jail.

“He asked me for my keys, kept backing up he said, ‘This isn't anything to get shot over,'" Eshelman said.

Eshelman walked outside his home to find a man inside his black Cadillac Escalade SUV. Eshelman said grabbed the thief from behind, asked him what was going on, and the man stepped back and showed a gun inside his jacket. Eshelman said that's when he gave the keys to him.

“He started the Escalade, backed up, I was still here, ran over to my neighbor's house, opened the door, told him I needed a ride, tried to chase after the guy, but a minute or two passed and we couldn't find him," Eshelman said.

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Owasso police said a suspect with a similar description also stole car from a trailer home park near 116th and Garnett.

Police say the car broke down near 87th and Memorial. Around the same time of this carjacking, police received a call about a suspicious man sitting in a car in the CVS parking lot.

Police say that car also was reported stolen and arrested Matthew Winchester.

Deputy Chief Jason Woodruff says since the carjacking and stolen car arrest happened in such a short time span the two incidents might be connected.

“There maybe that connection right now, we still don't know, we're still working on that," Owasso Deputy Chief Jason Woodruff said.

Eshelman said he can't believe someone came onto his property, threatened to shoot him and steal his car.

“It's just unfortunate something like this would happen in this neighborhood,” Eshelman said.

Police are still searching for that man and the 2008 Black Cadillac Esclade.