Bartlesville Police Make Arrests Connected To Car Burglary Ring

Monday, December 22nd 2014, 7:57 pm
By: News On 6


BARTLESVILLE, Oklahoma - Two people have been arrested in connection to a Bartlesville car burglary ring.

Friday, Bartlesville police arrested 31-year-old Rashad Scott and Monday police were able to connect Allee Jane Alfaro to a vehicle tied to the burglaries.

Police believe the suspects were working with about four others, riding around town, getting into unlocked cars and taking off with property.

People who live in the area are making sure to lock their car doors after neighbors were targeted by burglars over the past month.

Thanks to a big break in the case, Bartlesville police are working to stop the ring completely.

Since last week, handguns, an iPod, jewelry, stacks of personal checks and even medical items have all been recovered.

Dana Thompson was one of the victims. She had some pricey cookware stolen out of her truck just before Thanksgiving.

"Man, you don't know. I was going to cook a pasta dish, a turkey dish," she said. "I got mad because I don't like thieves."

Captain Jay Hastings with Bartlesville police said, "We have kind of these mini crime sprees that happen about two or three weeks apart."

Friday Bartlesville police arrested Scott – also wanted in California for felony convictions for robbery and carjacking.

Bartlesville police accused Scott of having stolen property, stealing vehicles and more.

They said Scott stole a truck recovered in Tulsa last week and information inside led them to his Bartlesville apartment on Barlow Street where they found him and several stolen items.

All those items weren't enough to solve all the burglaries over the past year.

"That's the other piece of this puzzle we're trying to figure out is, where is all this property going," Hastings said.

Detectives hope surveillance video sent to them by a homeowner during a December 16th series of burglaries can help them catch another suspect in the ring.

The video shows a man snooping around a truck, with doors locked, and he walks away.

Monday, Bartlesville police searched a car they believe was used in the series of burglaries.

They said they found paperwork linking the car, owned by Alfaro, to some of the burglary victims.

For now detectives like Jim Warring are letting people know their property has been recovered.

"You don't know what something is worth to someone until they get it back," he said.

"I just thought, what a miracle at Christmastime, because 'tis the season of miracles," Thompson said.

Bartlesville Police hope to arrest more suspects and recover more property in the coming days and weeks.