When Will Tulsa See The Sun Again?

Monday, December 22nd 2014, 11:26 am
By: Dee Duren

If you think this month and has been gray and cloudy - you're right. December, 2014, has had 19 days of dreariness so far with only one clear and one partly cloudy day.

The normal for December is 10 clear days.

"It seems as though Tulsa is the new Seattle," said WARN Team meteorologist Mike Grogan. "We've gone nearly two weeks since we've had a day we can call 'sunny.'"

It's been the least sunny first three weeks of December since the Oklahoma Mesonet was commissioned in 1994, according to state climatologist Gary McManus.

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Grogan said there hasn't been any major disturbance recently to push out the low-level moisture that is essentially trapped in the lowest levels of the atmosphere, resulting in continued cloud cover.

Unending cloud cover? No, there is hope in sight, Grogan said. Following the passage of a cold front day, we may see some clearing.

"Tuesday may begin with a little sunshine," he said. "We may have to wait until Christmas Day for a day of mostly sunny skies though."