Victims Paint Similar Picture Of Local Contractor They Say Ripped Them Off

Wednesday, December 17th 2014, 7:46 pm
By: News On 6

More people are coming forward saying they were cheated by a local contractor who goes by Lou and Mickey Cheatham.

Last week we told you about Cheatham and the four warrants out for his arrest along with dozens of judgments issued against him.

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A lot of people told the same story of Cheatham.

They said they hired him to do a job, gave him money then he disappeared.

His victims said they don't understand how he's still doing it after so many people have reported him.

A year ago, Michael Wang hired Cheatham off Craigslist to remodel a house so he could move into it.

He said he paid Cheatham around $50,000 and he and his crew showed up for about six months, but then came excuses about why they couldn't return until he and his crew never came back.

The house was left an unfinished mess and, on top of that, Wang said some of the work Cheatham did do - like the electrical - has to be totally redone.

Wang said he is out his life savings and has to live with friends while he tries to do the work, a little at a time, on his own.

"It put me in a really bad situation. It's really a struggle," he said.

Wang filed a police report, but was told there's nothing that can be done. He said he may file a lawsuit, but, said other people have done that and never got their money back.

Before Wang hired Cheatham, Elaine Terry and her husband hired him off Craigslist two years ago.

They gave him $2,200 to replace the siding on a part of their house. Elaine said he tore it off, then never showed up; and after months of excuses he stopped taking her calls.

"Yeah, I was mad. We did looking ourselves, reported him to the Better Business Bureau, called police, nothing came of it. We even picked him out of a lineup," she said.

Prosecutors did file felony charges in that case and it's one of the warrants against Cheatham.

Cheatham said there's an explanation for everything and he'd hired an attorney to try to help the people get their money back.

He also said he would do an interview with News On 6, but never did.

Now, the attorney said she no longer represents him and when we tried to contact Cheatham he hung up.