Family Of Shot Tulsa Pregnant Woman Asking For Prayers, Help

Thursday, June 19th 2014, 7:05 pm
By: News On 6

The family of a pregnant woman who was shot and critically injured a few weeks ago is asking for help. Alexis Russell is five months pregnant and on life support, and her brother is accused of the shooting.

Lemond Tyrone Russell told his family the June 2nd shooting was an accident. Family members said they are not mad at him, and their focus is to make sure Alexis pulls through and her children are okay.

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"Oh Alexis is a spit fire. She walks in a room and her smile just brightens your day," said family friend, Tyra Cummings.

Since June 2nd, days have been a bit darker for the Russell family. Alexis' 19-year-old brother is accused of shooting his sister.

"It was horrible what happened. It was an accident. Tyrone loves his sister very, very, much," said Cummings.

It's an accident that left Alexis with a bullet wound in her neck, put her brother in jail and left their mother, Samantha, struggling to maintain and care for Alexis' two children.

"I don't know how Sam does it. She is a wonderful woman, she is pillar of strength," Cummings said.

Doctors said her unborn child is doing well, but Alexis is on life support.

"She has a lot of seizures, which is part of it, but it's all a recovery process. She is going to have to get worse before she gets better. So we are all very hopeful," said Cummings.

Loved ones are also hoping for financial help for medical costs and to care for Alexis' children.

"If you can't send them money, it's tough times right now, which is very understandable, just please pray for their family," Cummings said.

The family has set up a fund at the Bank of Oklahoma Bank of Oklahoma, account 311185374, as well as a Go Fund Me page if you'd like to donate.

They said Lemond has called from jail and the family puts the phone to his sister's ear.