Police Believe 'Screaming' Thieves Targeting Tulsa Hills Stores

Wednesday, May 28th 2014, 6:07 pm
By: Emory Bryan

Tulsa Police are looking for a gang of thieves targeting stores in the Tulsa Hills shopping center. Police said one thing stands out about the group, they scream at anyone who confronts them.

Police said the way they operate is unusual, but distinctive. They get a lot of attention in the store, and police hope that's going to help catch them.

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Tulsa Police said the women have hit a beauty supply store several times and a handful of other stores as well. They go in and take what they can grab, and if anyone tries to stop them, they start screaming.

"They're trying to conceal things, and if they're approached by store employees or other customers, these females get aggressive and start yelling, and sometimes they yell racial things, and they take their things and run out to a waiting vehicle," said Officer Jill Roberson.

That's worked several times to help them get away.

Clint Harper runs a different beauty supply store, Kim's, and he's on the alert for thieves who can come in and get out quickly with very expensive merchandise.

"They can, there is hair that cost $100, so four or five bags of that, that's $500," Harper said.

At Tulsa Hills, the three suspects have been in ULTA several times, but police believe they've been working all over town.

The trouble is, they wear disguises and sunglasses so they look different each time.

They get away in a truck or black Cadillac Escalade, and they've screamed at employees more than once.

"But if they're aggressive, they're going to back up, people don't want to get involved with that because they're thinking they might get assaulted, they might have weapons, and if they can get people away from them they can get out the door, which is what they want to do," Roberson said.

Even though police only have a handful of good pictures of the suspects, they're hoping someone will recognize and turn them in.

The commotion draws attention to the women, but by then they're practically out the door, so police are hoping someone will recognize them first thing and call 911 if they see them in a store, or call with tips if they know who they are.