EXCLUSIVE POLL: Oklahoma Democrats, Republicans Disagree Over Tea Party, Agree Over Economy

Thursday, May 15th 2014, 7:00 pm
By: News On 6

Our exclusive News On 6/News 9 election poll found the most important issues Oklahoma voters say are facing the country. The poll also found overwhelming support for conservative values among likely voters.

When it comes to the Tea Party, Oklahoma Democrats and Republicans are split as you might expect.

More than 66 percent of likely Republican voters we surveyed have either a very favorable, or somewhat favorable, view of the Tea Party. Only 20 percent of likely Republican voters look at the conservative movement unfavorably.

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It's almost the reverse for Democrats.

The poll shows19 percent have a somewhat unfavorable view and another 38 percent have a very unfavorable view. That's nearly 60 percent with negative opinions of the Tea Party while only 26 percent have a positive view.

Voters in next month's primary will have to do their homework to even figure out the candidates' backgrounds.

"Right now in Oklahoma, everybody is confused because you have candidates with very little name recognition at a statewide level, for example," said News On 6 Pollster Bill Shapard. "They don't know if they are Tea Party candidates, they don't really know at all."

When it comes to the issues, Oklahoma Democrats said, "It's the economy."

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Nearly 70 percent told us government spending, taxes and job creation are the most important issues facing America. Only 23 percent said social issues top the list.

On this, voters from both parties agree.

Only 20 percent of Republicans in the News On 6 poll said social issues, like abortion, gun rights and same-sex marriage are the most pressing problems, while 74 percent told us it's the economy.

We can also affirm Oklahoma's red-state status.

While 70 percent of Republicans said they're somewhat, or very conservative, so do nearly 34 percent of Democrats.

Only 13 percent of Oklahoma Democrats said they're, "very liberal."