Quapaw Seniors Continue To Give Back To Community

Wednesday, May 14th 2014, 6:31 pm
By: Craig Day

Students in Quapaw's senior class just keep giving back. Their decision to give the money they raised for their senior trip to tornado victims led to an incredible response, with $35,000 in donations from people touched by their generosity.

They'll get quite a trip, but so many donations came in. Now, some of Oklahoma's Own have a plan for what to do with the rest of the money.

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Two days before graduation, the Quapaw High seniors are finishing their senior video, showing the year's highlights. The biggest one is the incredible generosity from others when the students chose to give money they raised for their senior trip to tornado victims instead.

"The whole state of Oklahoma, I just think we're a giving people," said High School Principal, Terry Tyree.

Donors gave $35,000, all wanting the kids to still get to go on their trip to Dallas.

Senior Jesse Morton said, "Most awesome thing I've ever seen."

"We were just like what? We didn't understand what was going on, honestly, I don't think," senior Zayariah Sargent.

Since many of the donors specifically sent money for the trip, they'll now get to spend $10,000, instead of $2,000, meaning they'll get to do way more than they ever expected.

As he walks the halls, Tyree can't help but think of the senior's next generous act.

"It's just amazing the things they've done, the generosity they've shown and the pay it forward the way they have," he said.

The students decided on their own to spend most of the donations to build a city park.

"This town needs something for the children," Morton said.

Tyree said, "In a small community like this, it's not a surprise, but it's still, it's awesome that they're doing it."

The park will be built on donated property across the street from the damaged fire station.

"I hope to see, like, parents and their little kids out there, or, like, junior high kids out there playing basketball and stuff like that," said Sargent.

So, as many tornado victims work to rebuild, construction will begin soon on the new park. For years to come, people will see that good can come from something so terrible, thanks to the selfless senior class of 2014.

"Great group of kids, and we're proud of them," Tyree said.

The students will get to go to Six Flags, Medieval Times, the zoo and aquarium, and things they wouldn't have been able to afford beforehand, like paintball.

They also have plans to use some of the donations to do something very special, but it's a surprise they'll announce at graduation Friday night.