'Pink Pistol Bandit' Sentenced To Two Life Terms

Tuesday, May 13th 2014, 6:33 pm
By: News On 6

The "Pink Pistol Bandit" goes to prison for two life terms. Aundra Walker got that nickname because he used a pink gun during his crimes in Tulsa last fall.

Walker, 19, hid in the backseat of a woman's car with a gun, kidnapped and raped her. He also robbed another woman and her brother-in-law. Those crimes, which had a devastating affect on the victims, followed upon Walker's shocking juvenile history.

Aundra Walker was hiding in a woman's car when she came out of this Tulsa gas station last October. He kidnapped her at gunpoint, took her to an abandoned house and raped her twice then let her go.

Two days later, he kidnapped another woman and robbed her in her home and when her brother-in-law came to check on her, robbed him too. The woman he robbed wrote to the judge, saying anxiety from the crime caused her "not to be able to sleep at night, to be fearful of leaving my house and I am constantly in fear for my life. This disorder has caused me to take temporary leave of my job of 22 years. The quiet neighborhood where I purchased my first home 30 years ago is now haunted with horrible memories."

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She also said because of Walker's long, violent history as a juvenile, she felt "it was about time the criminal justice system actually does what it is intended to do - keep the criminals locked up and the community safe."

Records show Walker was born in prison with cocaine in his system, and his mom was in prison for most of his life. They say Walker never knew his father because he was serving time for manslaughter.

Walker admitted using pot, cocaine, and several other drugs as a boy.

Records show when he was 12, he got busted for having marijuana. At 13, he was arrested for having a gun and shoplifting. When he was 14, he was arrested twice for breaking into houses and got caught with another gun.

At 15, an arrest for assault and battery; at 16, for attempted breaking and entering and shoplifting again.

Each time, he got probation.

At 18, he was caught with stolen property then a few months later, he committed the rape and the robberies.

Even though he pleaded guilty, he claimed some man made him do some of the crimes and denied the rest and showed minimal remorse. After his arrest last fall, prosecutors added charges of intimidating a witness, saying Walker sent text messages and letters to the rape victim, threatening to kill her if she didn't change her testimony.

On top of his two life terms, he got 10 years for those threats.

Life is 45 years in Oklahoma, and Walker must serve 85 percent of each life sentence. That's 38 years back to back, so he won't be eligible for parole until he's 95 years old.