Tulsa Man Accused Of Animal Abuse Says He Was 'Disciplining' Not Beating

Thursday, May 8th 2014, 7:41 pm
By: News On 6

A north Tulsa homeowner recorded his neighbor hitting his dogs and called police, and after our story aired Wednesday, the dog's owner called News On 6 to explain the disturbing video.

After several conversations, the dog owner and I agreed to meet at his house, but when I got there Thursday afternoon, he was in handcuffs.

Sheriff Deputies brought him to jail where he's being held on two complaints of animal cruelty and a $28,000 bond.

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His neighbors say the video we saw does not tell the full story.

The video is the talk of the Reservoir Hill community, and it's got people on newson6.com outraged.

The man in the video is Clement Hall, he was eager to talk on camera about being accused of animal abuse.

"He is unavailable. At this time he is being detained for the investigation of animal cruelty," Sergeant Travis Jones said. "We are at the address to execute a search warrant."

If they went in the house they saw those big things of dog food. He buys those big ole things; I mean he got those dogs spoiled. Really, I said I can't believe they are going to take those dogs from him," said Hall's neighbor Connie Friday.

Hall left me a voice message defending what he calls disciplining his dogs.

"I can tell you that I am innocent," Hall said. "I can understand what is being said and why and I can help you understand," Hall said.

"He said Havonnah Johnson is going to come out here and talk to me because its two sides to every story, because what they said they are lying they need to stop lying," Friday said.

"Did I whip my dogs? Yes I whip my dogs. Did I beat my dogs? I never beat anything," Hall said.

Havonnah: "The neighbor said he beat the dog."

Friday: "That's a damn lie." "That man is a real preacher, that man don't bother nobody. That dog bit him on the arm he got a little stick, like they train their dogs, and paddled him about 2 or 3 times."

All the dogs have been removed from the home because of the investigation.

The neighbor points out that Hall is not a breeder, but his pitbull was pregnant by a stray that jumped his fence. They say he was training the puppies.