Police: Man Arrested After Stealing Truck From Tulsa County Fairgrounds

Friday, May 2nd 2014, 7:17 am
By: Dave Davis

Tulsa police say a K-9 officer, the TPD helicopter and a security guard worked together to track down a burglar who broke into a warehouse at Expo Square early Friday morning.

Reports say the suspect left a huge mess behind and didn't just go for the big ticket items.

If you work at the fairgrounds and need tools, Frank Newman is your guy. He's the warehouse supervisor at Expo Square.

His office was at the center of an early Friday morning burglary, and from what he described, the burglar took whatever he could get his hands on.

Newman spent all day at the warehouse cleaning his office, not his ideal Friday.

"Obviously the desk is in disarray. Everything is out of the drawers and thrown on top of it," Newman said.

Police suspect 24-year-old Jeffery Hudson broke into the building by the armory Friday morning, took several things and stole a fairgrounds pickup truck.

After a security guard chased him across the fairgrounds, police caught Hudson in a nearby neighborhood, with the help of K-9 and helicopter and recovered items.

Newman said the burglar tried to steal thousands of dollars' worth of tools, threw t-shirts over the security cameras, and that's just the beginning.

"They took our sandwich meat, hot dog, mayonnaise and everything," said Newman.

Newman showed me some of the things this suspect did, apparently randomly. He sprayed red spray-paint on the calendar, covered up the security camera with a hat and broke into his office by destroying the door handle.

Then, apparently he got hungry, so he went into the mini-fridge, took some of Frank's meat cheese bread, Dr. Pepper, and while he was messing up his office, he decided to drink one of the Dr. Peppers.

"I guess he was going to be hungry later, doing all this work, you know, works up an appetite," Newman said.

Newman did get a chuckle out of that, but he's now faced with cleaning up the warehouse, as weekend shows roll on at the fairgrounds. The pickup truck's tire was also damaged in the chase.

Even before the incident, Newman said the fairgrounds were already starting to beef up security in the area, now he says that will continue.