Murder Trial Begins For Man Accused Of Killing 2 At Tulsa QuikTrip

Wednesday, April 23rd 2014, 1:15 pm
By: Dave Davis, Craig Day

A murder trial is underway for a man accused of killing two men outside a south Tulsa QuikTrip in 2012. One of the victims was an 18-year-old Jenks high school student.

The double shooting happened at about 1 a.m. in September of 2012 at the QuikTrip at 71st and Riverside.

Prosecutors say Jermaine Jackson killed Jenks High School student Kristjan Thorsson and Thorsson's mom's boyfriend, John White. White was driving to the store to get beer.

Thorsson's family members were in the courtroom to hear opening arguments in Jackson's trial.

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Prosecutors played an audio recording to the jury, in which Jackson admits to firing shots into the car. He said he was walking home from a friend's apartment, when White's car nearly ran over him.

He freaked out, and went to talk to the driver in the store parking lot. Jackson said he then fired all of the rounds in the gun into the car, when Jackson said the driver reached under the seat.

White's car ended up hitting a tree across a parking lot next to the store.

The state says Jackson called a mutual friend of his and Hinrik's after the shooting and said quote "Man, I just killed Hinrik… I was mad."

Several loved ones cried when the court showed QuikTrip surveillance video of White just before he was killed.

The state called Thorsson's mother and the QuikTrip clerk to the stand, and the clerk testified he saw Jackson shoot into White's car 8-10 times.

A number of police officers testified about evidence collected at the scene, including shell casings from a .22 handgun.

Detectives testified their investigation led them to Jackson as a suspect. They say they found a gun tossed inside a drainage grate a few blocks from Jackson's mother's house.

Jackson, who was 19 at the time of the crime, left Tulsa after the shooting and was staying at an Aunt's home in Arkansas when he was arrested.

A number of officers called to the stand also testified that no gun or drugs were found in the victims' car.