Shots Fired After Tulsa Road Rage Incident Put Kids In Danger

Friday, April 18th 2014, 10:58 pm
By: News On 6

Bullets barely missed kids inside a car at 71st Street and Sheridan Thursday night. Tulsa police said a gunman fired shots while driving down the street.

It's a busy area, and on Thursday night, bullets were flying across the streets. One of those bullets even hit a car with kids inside.

Police are searching for whoever pulled the trigger. They say it started as road rage at 71st Street and Memorial, and escalated to gunshots between two cars, both driving west on 71st Street.

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When one car reached Sheridan, it slammed into three cars stopped at the light. A stray bullet flew into a crashed car, missing two kids inside.

"It's surprising that no one was hit, especially with the amount of traffic at 9:00 at night, so everybody's pretty lucky," said Skyler Hargrove, with the Tulsa Police.

The car that caused that crash then pulled a U-turn, parking outside a nearby Laundromat. Police said three people inside the car ran off.

Josh Cox didn't hear gunshots, but did see the car, and then watched police pull up.

"I thought it was a hit and run, not a drive by," he said.

Police still don't know what happened to the other car involved in the road rage.

"It's pretty unusual for this to happen on 71st Street. It's not uncommon to have shots heard, but it's pretty uncommon to have an actual shooting that goes down 71st Street," Hargrove said.

Police did find four bullet casings and a handgun in the street.

No one was hurt from the crash and shooting.