Waitresses Say Owner Of Miami Restaurant Sexually Assaulted Them

Tuesday, April 15th 2014, 10:32 pm

Oklahoma waitresses say they were sexually assaulted by their boss. Now, the state's attorney general is taking up their case.

The attorney general's report says at least two of the women are previous victims of sexual abuse or domestic violence. The women were getting help from a local women's shelter, something the report says their boss knew and abused.

The Chinese Chef Buffet parking lot was packed, just like the lawsuit is packed full of scathing allegations.

"The claims aren't true," said waitress Samantha Boyd.

Boyd is defending her boss, Yun Chang, who is accused by three of his former employees, of sexual assault, harassment and discrimination.

Court documents say Chang followed the women into a supply closet at different times to grope them. The women reported it happened repeatedly, despite them telling him to stop.

The lawsuit states Chang tried to kiss one of the women and asked them each, on several occasions, if he could get some "boom boom."

"There are those who would prefer to prey on people who are vulnerable," said Community Crisis Center executive director, Dee Dee Cox.

The attorney general said at least two of the waitresses were getting help from the Community Crisis Center, a program that serves victims of sexual abuse and domestic violence.

Cox said she's proud the women reported the incidents, because too many stay silent.

"It takes a lot of courage on the part of these victims to make that report, especially victims who have been victimized throughout their entire lives," Cox said.

The lawsuit says after the women reported the abuse, Chang retaliated. Court records show he offered to pay off two of the women, $1,000 each to drop their cases.

The suit states when that didn't work he cut the waitresses' hours, from nearly full-time, to as little as two hours a week.

But Boyd, Chang's lead waitress, said the three women were never reliable to begin with, and said one of them has been harassing her boss.

"Threatening the restaurant, asking for money to drop the case, calling him racial slurs," Boyd said.

Boyd believes it's retaliation by the waitress.

We did try to get a comment from Chang, who owns the restaurant, but his employees said he's out of town.

The attorney general has filed a civil suit. His office said the women may also look at filing criminal charges, which would be done through local law enforcement and the Ottawa DA.