Union Teacher Uses 'Frozen' To Inspire Students For State Tests

Monday, April 14th 2014, 11:40 pm
By: Tess Maune

A Green Country teacher went the extra mile to encourage her students' success on state tests. The Union elementary teacher is using music from a popular Disney movie as motivation.

Children and adults alike seem to have fallen in love with the movie Frozen. But one teacher has re-written the song "Do You Want to Build a Snowman" to give her students some sing-spiration.

It's a video she thought only her students would see.

Watch The Full Video Here

"I closed my door when I showed because I was little embarrassed. I didn't want a lot of people to see it," said Samantha Gross.

Embarrassed because Gross, said teaching is her strong suit, not singing. But when it comes to her students, she's hitting the high notes to let them know they're going to succeed.

"I told them I had a surprise and that it was gonna help them with testing and help get their confidence boosted," said Gross.

She said she wrote the song the night before testing began and she shot the video the next morning. By the time she got to class, her husband had it edited, ready for the class to see.

"I showed it and they, they, were all like, ‘Can we watch it again? Can we watch it again,' so, we watched it again," Gross said.

Her husband posted the video online and shared it on social media. Now it's making its way around all the classrooms at Jarman Elementary.

"I hope that it helps other students the way that it's helped mine," she said.

Gross' students have seen the video enough now that they've memorized all the words. And the most meaningful message for them is heard in the very last line, "I believe in you."

"I do believe in you and that this test does not define who you are, it may be a number, but that's just one number and you can go on to do so many other things after this test is over. It is not your future, it does not define your future," Gross said.

Students at Jarman will be testing for the next three weeks. Though, third grade students there will finish their testing Wednesday.

Needless to say, they absolutely loved the song, and Gross said she could instantly see the boost in confidence in her students.