EXCLUSIVE: Trooper Thanks Sapulpa Man For Help During Difficult Arrest

Monday, April 7th 2014, 6:41 pm
By: News On 6

An Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper has a big "thank you" for a Sapulpa man who stopped and offered her help during a recent traffic stop where it was three against one.

The traffic stop quickly turned into Trooper Sue Farley having to fight one suspect on the ground just as two other suspects got out of the vehicle. Ten or 15 cars drove by and no one stopped to see if she needed help, except for 64-year-old Billy Lay.

Trooper Farley says Lay did everything right.

Farley said when she pulled over a truck with three men inside and asked the driver what he'd thrown out the window, he began screaming and took off. She chased after him and he decided to fight.

"At that point, I'm outnumbered, outsized and I'm by myself," she said.

That's when Billy Lay drove by.

"I had just about got to them when he bolted and run, and I heard her yell 'Stop!,' and I realized, wait, she may need help," he said.

He saw the trooper on the ground fighting the suspect and realized the two passengers were now out of the truck. Rather than jump into action, he simply offered his help.

"He's like, 'Trooper, do you need some help?' 'Yes sir, I do. Keep an eye on the passengers for me,'" Trooper Farley said.

She kept fighting and wrestling the suspect, who she says was high on drugs. Lay's presence meant she didn't have to split her attention between the suspect and the others.

"Just having that extra set of eyes, in this instance, was huge," she said.

The suspect got loose and ran up the hill just as a deputy was coming that way and he and the trooper got the suspect into handcuffs.

It wasn't until it was all over that Billy realized how serious the situation was.

"While it was going on, no. When it was over, yes. When it was over, I was like, 'Oh, Lord,'" said Billy Lay, Good Samaritan.

Trooper Farley very much appreciates what he did and how he did it.

"When you see somebody who's got that kind of humanity in them and truly wants to do the right thing, it's tremendous to us," said OHP Trooper Sue Farley.

Brandon Carpenter went to jail for drug trafficking, being under the influence, running from law enforcement and assaulting an officer. Creek County says he bonded out of jail.

Charges are pending.