Jay Mom Charged With Multiple Counts Of Child Abuse

Monday, April 7th 2014, 4:27 pm
By: News On 6

A Delaware County foster mom who was once recognized for being part of the "adoptive family of the year" has been charged with child abuse.

Deidre Anne Matthews of Jay is in jail on three counts of child abuse by injury, child endangerment and child neglect.

The Grove Sun reports that Matthews, whose family earned the 2008 DHS title "adoptive family of the year," is also charged with violation of the compulsory education act because some of the children in her care hadn't been to school for several weeks.

Despite that title, a representative of the Department of Human Services contacted the Sun to say Matthews was not a state-recognized foster parent, and the children were not placed with Matthews by DHS.

Matthews, 46, had nine children ages 17 to 4 in a mobile home, according to authorities. Deputies say Matthews' home was full of garbage and cockroaches and had animal feces ground into the carpet.

At one time there were 20 primates including spider monkeys, lemurs and marmosets at the residence.

Two of the teen girls were reportedly bitten several times by a monkey, and Matthews at one point is said to have used a needle and thread to sew up one of the wounds, telling the girl to keep quiet about the injury.

An adult daughter told investigators her mother used prescription drugs excessively and had a monthly prescription for 360 pain pills.

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