Tulsa Woman Hit By Driver With History Of No Insurance

Tuesday, April 1st 2014, 11:33 pm
By: News On 6

A Tulsa woman is at her wit's end after being hit by a driver who has a suspended license and no insurance. Now, the victim has a car that won't run and growing medical bills.

The suspect has been ticketed over and over for not having insurance, but continues to drive by paying her fines.

Vera Henson was on her way to the veterinarian's office to pick up the ashes of her dog when someone slammed into her from behind. That driver wasn't even supposed to be behind the wheel.

Now, Henson has a mess on her hands while the woman who hit her paid a couple hundred bucks toward her fines and is scot-free.

Henson lives on disability, so the last thing she needed was to have hospital bills piling up and her vehicle sitting useless in the driveway.

She was driving across Tulsa's 21st Street Bridge on March 18th and stopped behind a car that was turning left. She looked in her rearview mirror just in time to see a car coming up on her fast.

"She wasn't slowing down, no signs of her braking, no screeching of wheels, nothing," Henson said.

She said the impact was so hard it ruptured her spare tire, bent the tow bar, took out her back brakes and knocked her into the car in front of her.

"Hit with such impact, it broke my seat, so I ended up in a laying position," she said.

Then Henson found out the driver, Ashley Brown, didn't have insurance and had a suspended license. The police gave her three tickets, but if you look at Brown's record, tickets don't seem to be a deterrent.

I discovered Brown got a speeding ticket in 2010, then in 2011 got ticketed for no insurance and an improper tag.

In August 2012, she was arrested for DUI, pleaded guilty and promised not to break any more laws. But, in January of 2013 more tickets for no insurance and improperly stopping.

Then, just three months later, even more tickets; no insurance, driving with a suspended license and not wearing a seatbelt.

A year after that, Brown got tickets for no insurance, driving with a suspended license and going too fast.

"Yes, it makes me mad, makes me furious," Henson said.

I went to Brown's house to see if she planned to pay for Vera's expenses. The man who answered claimed Brown had recently moved out.

The judge issued Brown some fines and sent her on her way, so Henson is out of luck unless she sues Brown, if she can track her down.

A person can go to jail for repeated offenses of not having insurance and driving while suspended, but it hardly ever happens. The jails are already overcrowded and those crimes are considered non-violent.