South Tulsa Sign 'Drummer' Attracts Crowds

Tuesday, March 18th 2014, 8:47 am
By: Dave Davis

Don't you love to see somebody that really enjoys his work? That definitely seems to be the case for a young man who is paid to spend his Saturdays holding a sign outside a south Tulsa store.

The traffic at 101st and Memorial, between all the supermarkets, restaurants and car dealerships can be bad enough to ruin your day.

But if you've ever had the privilege of driving through the intersection on a Saturday there's one guy I can almost guarantee, will bring a smile to your face.

His name is Chandler Barrett, but you might just know him as the sign guy.

Every Saturday, Chandler is air drumming, head banging and jumping for seven hours. I know I've wondered "What kind of music is going through those ear buds?"

His favorite bands are Christian heavy metal groups and with Chandler Barrett being a drummer he uses some of those techniques in his roadside shows.   

Most Tulsa drivers seem to love Chandler's moves.

"Most of it's positive, you know waving or honking their horn or stuff, smiling and stuff," said Chandler Barrett.

In fact, he's so popular; it was kind of hard to do an interview with Chandler.

But, some drivers are not fans of Chandler's head-banging.

"Some people just don't like it. Some people cuss me out or something," Chandler Barrett said.

"One time people threw rocks at me. But it was so funny though, because I was able to use my sign to kind of shield myself. But yeah, it was kind of funny to be honest." 

But he keeps rocking and maybe he can teach us all a lesson.

"Whatever your job is, just do it. Try to have as much fun with it as possible and try to work as hard at it as you can," said Chandler Barrett.