Missouri Man Won't Let Trailer Theft Affect His Opinion Of Tulsa Area

Monday, March 10th 2014, 5:27 pm
By: News On 6

A Missouri man whose horse trailer was stolen Saturday night won't let the experience sour his opinion of the people in the Tulsa area.

"There are a lot of good people in Oklahoma," said Dan Weigand.

Weigand, his two daughters and his daughter-in-law were in town competing at a Ranch Sorting National Championship event at the Tulsa RV Ranch on Highway 75 south of Glenpool.

The event involves two-rider teams removing numbered cows from a pen in a certain order.

Weigand says they competed at the event all day Saturday, then spent the night at a hotel. When they returned to the arena Sunday morning, their 24-foot Eby horse trailer was gone.

They called the sheriff's office, then started figuring out how they were going to get their horses back home, which is near Warrensburg, Missouri, about an hour east of Kansas City.

A surveillance photo shows what appears to be a white Dodge dually with a broken left rear fender driving away with the trailer.

Weigand says one of his daughters posted their plight on Facebook and they immediately had offers from about 25 people to come get them. Eventually his wife brought a spare trailer from home.

Weigand says his first thought after discovering the theft wasn't a kind one. "Where's the dude that's stolen the trailer? Let's find him and have a hanging party." But once the offers of help started pouring in, he started looking at the bright side.

"That's what makes you feel good, the amount of good people that there are in the world. For every one bad there's a thousand good."

The trailer is still missing, but Weigand says his insurance will help cover the loss.

He says he and his family stopped for dinner in Glenpool before heading home and when the restaurant manager heard what had happened, she took 20 dollars of their meal price.

He and his family did so well at the event, he joked that the Oklahoma competitors may not want them to come back.