Tulsans Make The Most Of Winter Weather

Monday, March 3rd 2014, 12:19 am
By: Tess Maune

Just like the streets, the River Parks trail was slick.

The only difference is it was pretty desolate -- with the exception of a few geese, likely wishing they'd flown south and Natalia Khomova and her son, Victor.

They ventured out to find the perfect slope, with no luck this time.

"I got this board for my son and I thought, ‘We'll use it next winter.' But I guess we still have winter," mom Natalia Khomova said.

Winter in Oklahoma is nothing for Natalia, she grew up in Russia, so she knows all about the ice, snow and cold.

She doesn't love it, but her son does.

"I'm thinking this weather is cool," she said. "I like snow."

It was full throttle over at Metropolitan Baptist Church.

Members there treaded carefully to get to the service.

"I just made sure I took my time and left in plenty of time to make it to worship service," Dr. Anthony L. Marshall said.

Marshall also made sure to pack his shoes.

For him, staying home was not an option.

"Coming to worship service is a must for me," Marshall said. "So I just got on my boots, put my shoes in a little bag, came on to service. When I got here, I changed into my regular church shoes and went ahead and gave God the praise today."

Then there was Ms. Brenda Campbell.

She's what makes church a little sweeter, literally.

"I said, ‘Oh no, we're going to make cakes,'" she said.

Each Sunday she brings a lemon cake for each person in the congregation who is celebrating a birthday that week.

And she says there's no street slick enough to keep her from going to church.

"Well, I'm gonna always get to church," Campbell said. "That's no problem."

Cambell said she typically drives herself to church, but on bad weather days, she has her son take her.