Juvenile Records Of Tulsa Sexual Assault Suspect Show Troubled Past

Tuesday, February 18th 2014, 7:09 pm
By: News On 6

Records for the 16-year-old boy recently arrested for a string of sexual assaults in Tulsa, show a troubled past. Dayquan Williams has been a ward of the state since he was 13 years old.

He's been in and out of juvenile facilities, programs and mental health institutions after committing a number of crimes.

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The records reveal a mother who lost all hope of controlling her son's behavior, a boy kicked out of three schools and a system that gave him repeated chances even though he showed no remorse.

Police said Williams sexually assaulted three different people in Tulsa in the past two months. Records show those crimes happened while Williams was being supervised by the Office of Juvenile Affairs.

These charges are just the most recent in a long line of crimes he committed while in state custody. When he was 13, Williams was declared delinquent, he was on probation for breaking into a home and stealing a laptop.

A few months later, he was suspended from Byrd Middle school after threatening his teacher and her five-year-old son and throwing a full soda can at the teacher's head. His probation continued.

Six months after that, he threatened a boy with a pocketknife; more probation was added.

After several probation violations and a new breaking and entering charge, Williams was taken into custody. One of his evaluations had to be stopped because Williams refused to stop making inappropriate sexual remarks.

Another time, he was caught making inappropriate sexual remarks to a girl also in custody.

In 2011, A counselor wrote Williams was a, "continued threat to the community," and, "responds in laughter and demonstrates no remorse for his actions."

During a period of home arrest, a report said, his, "Mother maintains her concern that Dayquan will not stay in the home and that his own safety and the safety of others remains an issue."

Williams successfully completed a program for aggression in the spring of 2012, before being sent home. A counselor wrote, "Dayquan is quite capable of being successful in society."

However, he relapsed not long after that. Within six months, records say Williams told his teacher he would bring a gun to school and shoot her, took a swing at the principal, then laughed when asked about it by a counselor.

He was later kicked out of Memorial Junior High and was either in a treatment facility, or waiting on one or being denied entry to one.

Reports show he did well living at home last July for a few months, when he enrolled in Union High school, but was suspended just two weeks later for getting into it with a girl classmate and security guard. He was suspended for the rest of the year.

Right after that is when police say he committed the sexual assaults in November and December.

Reports show Williams' mother has worked with the Office of Juvenile Affairs, trying to come up with a solution, but, has been incapable.

Records show Williams was diagnosed with a number of problems and prescribed lots of medications, but refused to take them.