Oklahoma Family Seeks Rehab Center For Injured Son

Friday, February 7th 2014, 12:06 am
By: Tess Maune

A Green Country teenager has spent months in the hospital after a devastating ATV crash. But now, he's ready to go home.

But his mother said it's the last place he needs to be.

Being released is good news, it means Christian Mayberry is doing better and will be healthy enough to leave on Monday. As much as his parents want to take him home, they said he's just not ready, but they can't find anyplace else to take him.

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There are small moments of triumph, always followed by a celebration.

"We know that he's in there, we know that he hears us," said Kim Mayberry, Christian's mom.

But sometimes the happy moments are a gateway to the harsh reminder of how things used to be.

"He's just so sweet, he always wants a hug and a kiss," Kim said. "It's been so long since I've had any of that, ya know."

Kim Mayberry's son, Christian, hasn't spoken a word, or taken a step, since September. That's when the 16 year old suffered severe brain damage in an ATV crash.

The Sequoyah County District Attorney is investigating witness claims that the mother of one of Christian's friends was driving the ATV drunk, and Christian was the passenger.

Kim said her son was tested at the hospital for alcohol the night of the accident, but said results were negative.

After the crash she said Christian was left clinging to life, alone in a ditch, before anyone called for help.

"He would not be in as severe of a state that he is in, if he'd got help immediately," Mayberry said.

Doctors said it will take a miracle for him to recover much more, but his family said they know better.

"We do not at all believe that, we're just are going on our faith and what we believe and we believe he's going to be well," Kim said.

Now, after countless surgeries, having parts of his skull removed and fighting off a dangerous infection, doctors said Christian is better and there's nothing more the hospital can do for him.

But the Mayberrys can't find a rehab facility to take their son.

It's just been one shut door after the next, either his insurance is wrong, his age is wrong, where he is medically is wrong, so there's just so many things going against us right now," said Mayberry.

The family only has a few days to find the right place, otherwise their only option will be to care for Christian at their home in Muldrow.

"This boy deserves the best care, and while we will take the best care as far as loving him and things like that at home, we can't do the rehab and I don't know how we can do proper care," said Mayberry.

She said there is one nursing home that would take him, but she said he won't get the therapy or rehabilitation he so desperately needs.

"He needs to be stimulated, he needs to be woke up and worked with," Kim said.

It's the rehab, she said, that will bring back her sweet, loving boy.

I just miss him, everything about him. But I know that I'll have that back. I know that soon, when I tell him that I love him, laying in the hospital bed, I know I'll hear it back, he's gonna say it back to me. I know that. And what a day that's gonna be," Mayberry said.

Christian's dad has stayed with his son at the hospital every night since the accident. The family said wherever Christian ends up, they want to be able to stay with him around the clock.

"He's like and infant, he's not paralyzed, but he does need help and it's just too scary leaving him in someone else's care for however many hours as you leave at night, we haven't done it yet and we don't want to do it," Kim said.

The family has created the Facebook page Pray for Mayberry to keep family, friends and even strangers updated on Christian's condition.

There's also a web site dedicated to Christian, Justice for Mayberry. An account for donations has been set up at Arvest Bank under Christian Mayberry's name.

"So many people that we don't even know are supporting us, are praying for us, just literally thousands of people and it's made all the difference in the world, it really has," said Kim.