Judge Denies Mistrial For Tulsa Man Accused Of Hicks Park Murders

Thursday, February 6th 2014, 7:12 pm
By: News On 6

Defense attorneys asked for a mistrial in the murder trial of Darren Price Thursday, after a witness testified about something the jury wasn't supposed to hear.

The judge did not declare a mistrial, but, told the jury to disregard the statement as it had nothing to do with the case.

After the jury left for lunch, the defense attorney compared the judge's ruling to throwing a skunk into the jury box and telling them to disregard the smell.

Also in the trial, convicted felon Donald Williams testified that the day before the murders of Ethan Nichols and Carissa Horton, Price asked Williams to find him a gun. Price later told Williams not to worry about it because he'd gotten one on his own.

Williams said he saw Price the day after the murders, and said Price was excited that he was going to be on TV that night. Price did an interview at Hicks Park, where the murders took place.

He said Price told him the story was about, "Some Christian kids who got robbed on the trail and had their brains blown out."

Jurors watched the video of the news story. Price questions whether the park is a safe place to bring his children.

Defense attorneys admit Price made some really terrible decisions after the murders, but, said he is not the one who robbed or shot the victims.

In fact, a police officer testified he found the gun used in the murders in a bathroom drawer of Gerard Davis's apartment. Davis, another suspect in the case, has pleaded guilty and sentenced to life in prison without parole.

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A fingerprint expert also testified on Thursday. He said no fingerprints were found on the gun, but, said that is pretty common. He said they only get useable prints off guns about two percent of the time.

The expert said Price's fingerprints were found on Ethan Nichols' car, however. But, the defense admitted Price was arrested in the victim's car and said finding his prints there was not a surprise.

The rest of the witnesses were officers, Crime Scene Investigators and forensic lab employees, testifying over evidence, to prove it wasn't planted or tampered with before trial.