Wagoner County Man Posts Graphic Dog Attack Video On Facebook

Monday, February 3rd 2014, 10:33 pm
By: News On 6

WARNING: The above video contains graphic images.

A graphic video of three dogs attacking another dog has gone viral on Facebook with 60 shares and over 100 comments. Many people have called it a dog fight.

The person who recorded the video, however, said there's a back story to what led to the fight.

It's a shocking scene from Wagoner County, three dogs attacking a fourth one. It's upsetting to some, like Wilhelm Murg, an animal rights advocate.

"Angry of course," Murg said. "The idea that these animals are just tearing another one apart and a human has decided not to do anything."

Murg said it looked like a staged dog fight, so he took action by calling police and the Animal Shelter.

"If you have wild animals and wild dogs around, this is not how you take care of it," said Murg.

Taylor Given is the man behind the camera. He said all four dogs are strays but he regularly feeds three of them.

"I fed these dogs and they were nice enough to stick around and kind of guard our yard, and when that dog came up, I mean they did what dogs do," said Given.

When asked why there didn't seem to be an attempt to stop the fight on video, Given said, "In the video, I didn't stop it. I got as close as I could just to show what was going on. I did try to stop it occasionally. When my dog stopped, I told the dog to get out. He didn't. He attacked another one of my dogs and they jumped right back on top of him."

He said the one getting mauled has attacked him several times and his family was afraid of it.

"It grabbed me by my ankle when I was getting out of the truck and with one foot on the ground, it grabbed my ankle and I fell on my face and when the dog came back to go at my face, my dad shooed him away with a 2x4 we had laying around in the yard," said Given.

Given does admit posting the video to Facebook wasn't the right thing. He said the dog did die, but said he shot the video as evidence.

The Wagoner County Sheriff's Office said it is investigating and once deputies have gathered the facts, they will pass the investigation on to the District Attorney who will decide if charges should be filed.