BA Firefighters Use Thermal Cameras Showing How To Dress Warm

Wednesday, January 22nd 2014, 10:27 pm
By: News On 6

Even though it will be brutally cold Thursday morning, major school districts say classes will go on as usual.

Still, administrators want to make sure children dress warmly.

With the help of a heat sensor, News On 6 saw the best way to do that.

If you plan to be outside Thursday morning, you're going to want to be bundled up. In fact, when wind chills are below zero, it doesn't take long to get frost bite.

In Broken Arrow, many firefighters are also certified paramedics, so they've seen frost bite up close and personal.

Broken Arrow Acting Assistant Fire Chief, Phil Reid, said, "It doesn't take very long with the wind chill being in negative temperatures. It can come along faster than you realize."

The fire department uses thermal imaging cameras to help fight fires, but the cameras can also monitor body heat.

"It's really imperative to put a cap, a stocking cap, on or at least cover your ears and the top of your head," Reid said.

If you take a look at a thermal camera, you can see where the heat is escaping from the body. The red shows where heat is escaping from.

Heat can even slide out through zippers and seams.

"You want to make sure you have the lining in the coat if it has one. If not, get a thicker coat," said Reid.

In a demonstration Reid conducted, he rubbed his hands together to stay warm. When he held them up to thermal camera, the red began to disappear, meaning the heat was leaving his body.

"Anything you can cover your torso with, gloves, put on an extra pair of socks," Reid said.

Broken Arrow and Tulsa Public Schools say parents should keep these tips in mind while dressing their children on cold mornings.

Chris Payne, with Tulsa Public Schools, said, "Buses should run on time, but just plan ahead and make sure your kids are dressed warmly."

The Broken Arrow Fire Department also said hand, toe and feet warmers are also a good idea to have if you plan on being outside for a long period of time.