Tulsa Boy Hit By Car On Way To School Reportedly Critical

Wednesday, January 22nd 2014, 6:18 pm
By: Emory Bryan

A driver hit and badly injured a 9-year-old boy on his walk to school Wednesday morning.

Police said the boy was in the street in the 2800 block of Mohawk Boulevard, but the driver just didn't see him.

Tulsa police spent several hours in the early morning examining the scene after the accident, and say it would have been hard for the driver to avoid the child.

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The boy, according to police, was out in the middle of the westbound lane when he was hit just before daylight.

The impact broke the grill on the car.

He was taken away by ambulance, reported to be in critical condition.

"They just go too damn fast," Bobby Cagle said.

Cagle says drivers often speed on Mohawk and he believes it's not safe for children to walk there, especially in the dark.

"It would help if they put some lights down along here, especially under that bridge," he said. "The bridge doesn't have any lights at all, it's dark."

Ethan and his brother and sister live in the neighborhood just east of U.S. Highway 75, and they walked along Mohawk on their way to a bus stop at a nearby school.

They had made it beyond the bridge before Ethan was hit in the westbound lane.

They were on the way to TRAICE Academy to catch a bus to their elementary school.

TRAICE is 3/4 of a mile from their house, but it's beyond a stretch of narrow road, with no lights and no sidewalks.

"There are no sidewalks and we're a little concerned, so we're going to be looking at putting in extra bus stops so kids aren't walking in that area," Chris Payne with Tulsa Public Schools says.

The boy who was hit attends Penn Elementary, which is another mile beyond the bus stop from his house.

The school district plans to shorten that trip.

"When we're aware of situations like that, we try to add bus stops, because that's just not ideal from a safety standpoint," Payne said.